Rubber Surface vs. Hard Surface

Rubber Surface vs. Hard Surface

In New York, there are many choices for pool deck resurfacing, Which one suits you the best? Please refer to the table below to see how various surfaces stack up. Naturally, we have a bias in favor of our superior rubber surfacing. The overall cost is lower even though the up-front price may be higher than that of other alternatives. The table shows the various advantages of installing a rubber surface around your pool.

All hard surfacing alternatives are outlasted by our excellent rubber surface. Why? When you stop to think about it, it's actually just common sense. Concrete is doomed from the start if you cover it with a hard, brittle surface. Concrete, as you are aware, expands and contracts in response to changes in humidity and temperature. It just takes a little while for concrete to crack when a hard, brittle surface is applied on top of it. The erosion starts when it cracks. Our top-notch rubber flooring changes size along with the concrete. Water cannot penetrate the space between the concrete and our superior rubber surface. Thus, there is no peeling or cracking. To find out more, contact us!

SurfaceWarrantyLifespanCrackingPeelingSlip Resistance WetTemperatureCostMaintenanceCleaningComments
Waterford Coatings Rubber5 years20 yearsAlmost neverNoneHighVery CoolHighNoneYearly, pressure wash
Kool Deck/similar1 year2-5 yearsStarts after 2 yearsNoneMediumCoolerMediumRepair cracks and repaint after 5 yearsYearly, pressure wash
Epoxy Paint1 year3 yearsWithin months2nd seasonSlipperyHotLowScrape and repaint yearlyVery light pressure wash
Stamped Concrete1 year20 years2 years or lessNoneVery slipperyHotHighSeal every 2 yearsYearly, pressure wash
Stained concrete1 year3 yearsWithin months2nd seasonSlipperyHotLowRestain every 2 yearsVery light pressure wash
Pavers5 years20 yearsAlmost neverNoneMediumHotHighLimitedYearly, pressure washWeeds will usually grow between pavers yearly
Tile2 years20 yearsStarts after 2 yearsNoneVery SlipperyHotMediumFix grout as neededYearly, pressure wash

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