Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects

Throughout New York, we have used our top-quality rubber in several commercial projects. We are able to provide lower prices for big projects. We will also be able to respond quickly to any future concerns because we are located right here in New York. Why use an out-of-state business? We are the biggest rubber pool deck surfacing business in New York, and we have installed hundreds of rubber pool decks in this area alone.

Why is our rubber surfacing so ideal for application in businesses? Mainly because of its safety characteristics. On commercial pool decks, glass breakage is a major safety hazard. Broken glass necessitates draining, cleaning, and refilling the pool in its entirety. The pool must be closed to visitors throughout this expensive operation. Our rubber surface absorbs impact, making it exceedingly unlikely that a dropped glass or bottle will break. Its soft surface traction, which helps to avoid slip and fall injuries, is another safety feature. It is important to consider how comfortable our soft rubber surface is. It stays comfortably cool and is easy to walk on.

There will be no more yearly crack repairs, peeling paint to patch, hard surface pieces coming loose, or pool decks that resemble calico due to continuous maintenance. A very good incentive to install our rubber surface is its long lifespan, which is warranted. All of our pool deck resurfacing projects come with a 5-year warranty from us, but it also lasts for a very long time after that. The only upkeep needed is routine cleaning, even with a power washer. Call us right away!

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