Solve Your Cracked Driveway Problem Once and For All

Don't bust out your old driveway!

There is nothing comparable for resurfacing your old concrete or asphalt driveway. Our poured-in-place rubber surfacing is a unique solution to an age-old problem. We can resurface right over old, cracked or eroded concrete or asphalt with a thick beautiful rubber surface that will last. Contact us today for more information!

Advantages of A Carolina Rubber Driveway Surface:

Extremely Durable - We give a 5-year warranty and it will last for years.

Convenience - In most cases, we can install the new surface in one day on your driveway. Our installation is much less invasive than busting out your old driveway and replacing it.

Environment - We use recycled rubber on driveways to help save the environment.

Cleaning - Your new driveway cleans easily; it can even be power washed.

Low Maintenance - Resurface your driveway once and be done with it. There's no need to resurface your concrete every few years or to bust it out and replace it. There's no re-sealing every two years.

Cost - Not only is our rubber surface more durable, but in most cases, it also costs less than busting out, hauling away and re-pouring concrete.

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